Our commitments

Commitment to Quality

For more than 25 years our companies have been certified under different quality standards so that our procedures and our way of working are safe for both us and our clients, but also efficient and environmentally responsible. Today we have a comprehensive quality system with the following ISO standards: ISO 9001 (Quality management). ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). ISO 45001 (Labor Safety), ISO 39001 (Road Safety). Specific for transport UNE 13816, Q for Tourist Quality, Safe Tourist Health Security (UNE-ISO / PAS 5643:2021) and Tourist Quality in SICTED Destination. These 8 different quality standards result in a comprehensive management system for it and our processes. Personalized customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is a verifiable reality.

Environmental Commitment

An entity like ours must grow, but in orderly fashion. At an environmental level, our company complies with all the parameters that are legally established, but that is often not enough. We reuse and recycle heavily. From something as simple as paper to mechanical components, tires, industrial oils, etc… we are registered as a waste collection entity and even the water we use undergoes purification processes.

Likewise, technology makes it easier for our vehicles to be increasingly efficient both in their consumption and in the emission of polluting gases and particles, as well as in the reuse of materials at the end of their useful life. For all these reasons, practically 2/3 of our fleet is made up of vehicles with an ECO environmental label thanks to LPG systems that significantly reduce our greenhouse effect emissions. The incorporation of new administrative and documentary systems helps reduce the volume of paper. As a result, with each one of the processes we carry out, day by day we optimize our data flows.

Technological Commitment

Incorporating technology into all our processes makes it easier for it to be present in everything we do, not only because of the vehicles we use, but also because of how we do things. Today’s information society makes it easy for relationships with our clients (even if they are thousands of kilometers away) to be fluid and cordial. Computerized processes facilitate the transmission of more precise instructions more quickly and efficiently. Last minute changes are no longer a problem, everything is computer controlled.

Social Commitment

The strict compliance on our part of the current legislation on transport in all instances implies a social policy with our staff. We have one of the best staff, since we receive countless congratulations from our clients for the treatment received and the professionalism with which they perform their duties. We guarantee that their work is safe and that they duly comply with Road Safety. We are convinced that this is not the result of good luck but rather due to a significant investment in the social welfare of the workforce. Likewise, our company advocates for equality and for the incorporation of women into our sector at all levels.

We are also aware of the need for the incorporation of the most disadvantaged sectors and together with other entities we study the formulas that facilitate this incorporation into our sector in areas where they can be perfectly integrated.

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