Our commitments

Quality Commitment:

The management of AUTOCARES MARTINEZ has established the Integrated Management Policy to follow in the organization. It exposes its employees, suppliers, clients and society in general its commitment to the satisfaction of its clients, the protection of the environment, the rational use of natural resources, prevention of damages and health risk, reduction and prevention of road traffic accidents and improve road safety. The scope of our system is “passenger transport by discretionary coach (national and international) and regular special use”.

The commitment of AUTOCARES MARTINEZ for the satisfaction of its customers and respect for the Environment is formed in the implementation and maintenance of an Integrated Management System formed by the requirements established in the following standards, in its updated version:

• Requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001,
• Requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO 14001,
• Requirements of the standard EN 13816,
• Requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO 39001,
• Requirements of the standard OHSAS 18001,
• Tourist Q “Tourist coaches”,
• Commitment of tourist quality “Tourist transport”,

Integrated within a global action of the continuous improvement of the management´s effectiveness and efficiency.
The guidelines of our Integrated Management Policy are as follows:

• Provide services to our clients guaranteeing the fulfillment of their requirements and their satisfaction, offering a
total coverage in their needs, in our scope of action.
• Perform the service in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements and the requirements of customers in
order to meet their needs.
• Try to prevent all types of environmental aggression, especially pollution, depletion of natural resources and
minimization of waste generation.
• Reduce pollution and environmental impacts and nonconformities resulting from improper provision of our
• Commitment to prevent damage and deterioration of health and ensure safety and health among employees,
suppliers, collaborating companies and society as a whole
• Reduce and prevent road traffic accidents and improve road safety in the workplace.

On the basis of this Policy, quantifiable objectives have been created and will be reviewed periodically. Through
this document I communicate the relevance and importance of the activities of all staff and that your collaboration is
necessary for the achievement of the objectives. I commit to the provision of both the necessary human and
material resources.

I request the collaboration of all the staff for the correct development of the Quality Management System and

Alicante 1st January 2017

Environmental Commitment:

A company like ours has to grow, but in an orderly way. Environmentally speaking, our company complies with all the legally established parameters, although this is often not enough. We reuse and recycle to a great extent; from something as simple as paper to mechanical parts, tyres, industrial oils, etc. We are standardized as a waste collecting company and even the water we use undergoes purifying processes.

At the same time, technology makes our vehicles increasingly efficient in both of terms; consumption and f emission of pollutant gases and particles, as well as in the reuse of materials at the end of their lifecycle. The implementation of new administrative and documenting systems means that the volume of used paper has been reduced. And with each and every one of the processes we do, we optimize our data streams every day.

Technological Commitment:

The introduction of technology into all our processes means that it is present in everything we do, not only in the vehicles we use, but in the way we do things. Today’s information society means that our interaction with our clients (even if they are thousands of miles away) is smooth and friendly. The increasingly computerized processes make possible to transmit more precise instructions in a faster and more efficient way. Last minute changes are no longer a problem because everything is controlled by computer.

Social Commitment:

Our strict compliance on our part with current legislation regarding transport in all instances, involves social policy with our staff. We have one of the best teams of workers as demonstrated by the countless congratulations we receive from our clients for the treatment received and the professionalism with which they perform their functions. We are convinced that this is not the result of chance but by a significant investment in the welfare of the workforce. Moreover, our company is in favour of the incorporation of women in the sector, there being a high number of women working for the company.

We are also aware of the need to take on persons from more disadvantaged groups and in association with other companies we look into formulas to facilitate their incorporation in the sector in areas where they can be perfectly useful.